Sunday, January 24, 2016

Report (3) test

My wife used to have to drag me, kicking and screaming, to the kitchen table so we could discuss the dreaded F-word... Finances. She couldn't get me to open up and I refused to talk about money. One day she showed me a documentary that opened my eyes. I forget what it's called, but I do remember that it totally blew my mind. Ever since then I feel much more comfortable discussing all things money—loans, savings, taxes, debt, rent, bills, you name it.
By the end of the call, Frank was getting nasty, and yelling about how I was costing him money by scheduling and then canceling. When I pointed out that I canceled with over a month's notice, he said he very much doubted it even though he couldn't find the date anywhere in his notes. Anyway, I'm done with the guy. I'd rather pay someone else to do the work then have him do it for free.
Guys are only mean to girls they’re attracted to. Actually, let’s not rule out the pricks who get off on making others feel like shit by boosting their own ego, so no, it’s not always attraction. However, generally speaking, a crush is usually involved. But sometimes you have to decide whether or not the guy has a major character flaw or is just teasing you by being mean.
Two days into my stay I had my camera stolen out of my luggage. Not only did I not get reimbursed for the loss, their staff actually accused me of lying about my camera being stolen, and told me I should have kept it in their lockbox at the front desk. My whole stay was a nightmare. I wish I'd stayed at a different hotel and I strongly suggest that you steer clear of this one.

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